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A brand new logo!

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Just some of the work we been doing latly.
Its still on outline mode much like some other projects im involved with....
Time does wonders for outline rendering ;).
More info in the comings days about this and alot more stuf.... :)


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Pedro said...

mmmmhhh I try .. It is a new logo for Nepomuk

Am I right

Anonymous said...

You KDE graphics guys are SUCH a bunch of teases...no info on software, outline mode comes from where? etc.

Hans said...

... Plasma?
(Personally I don't like the current icon for Plasma).

Paulo Cesar said...

Hmm outline mode.. I really need to find tutorials on methods for vector icon design using free software


Anonymous said...

the name of the icon is nepk2.png and it looks like http://nepomuk.semanticdesktop.org/xwiki/bin/download/Main1/Images/nepomuk-logo.320.png
so we can assume it's the Nepomuk logo :)

Pinheiro said...


Anonymous said...


is a good free software vector app since someone asked.

Paulo Cesar said...

ok ok, I know inkscape very well, but i believe drawing random things on it doesn't give the same results as having a methodology for designing icons

at least I couldn't produce nice pieces like that just drawing things from zero

Pinheiro said...

Paulo I just use Inkscape. nothing else..

furester said...

nepomuk (I hope) ;)

Gabi Ruta said...

This is awesome man !! Nuno, you are really great. Your work on KDE is fantastic.

I salute you, and we thank you very much for your contribution.

GABI (Bucharest/Romania)