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Make every one happy:)

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Decided to try to please girls with a theme for them. We are still working on the color scheme and the plasmas theme is really just a svg idea right now, but any way I decided to share it with all of you boys and girls.

link to wallpaper (mail me if you want the svg)


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Anonymous said...

Excellent. Pink is cool

Anonymous said...

everybody.... yeah... I'm sure you do...

Unknown said...

I suppose Aaron J. Seigo should comment with "I am a man enough for a pink... desktop" and I agree whit him :)

Really a beautiful mockup!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh man... anyways i like the fact that there ist the cool trainstation clock in your screen. It makes me so sad that it was killed as a plasmoid and replaced with a boring clunky kind of gnome style clock.

Don't you have a word to say there as one of the designers?

nightrose said...

Although I am not a big fan of pink I like this one. Nice work and thanks for thinking of the girly gearheads ;-)

sim0n said...

Apart from the colour, looks *really* nice !!

Any chance you could do the same theme using a different colour than pink ?
Maybe some nice blue instead ?
That woule be great :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks good! Glad that ridiculous white border on the current theme is optional.

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic, if I was a girl or a fairy I would use that theme but I'm not either so either a version with neutral or more masculine colours would go a treat. I am man enough for neutral.

Unknown said...

yeah, it does look really nice. dunno about the wallpaper as it's not really my style, but but plasma svg theme elements are rather well done =)

side story: i worked with a woman once who made everything on her computer bright pink. everything. and not a nice pink but horrific barbie-isle-at-the-toy-store pink.

every time i had to look at the monitor it made my eyes scream silent screams of horror. but i only fully understood the scope of things when i finally visited her apartment: pink everywhere.

in fact, on her home computer not only had she themed all the software pink, but the physical case itself was also bright barbie doll pink. amazing.

such horror shows asid, yes, pink is not just for girls or mythical magical winged creatures (that's what a "fairy" is, right? i mean, don't tell me that was a homophobic reference ;)

it's nice to see such variety ...

Anonymous said...

come on! Do I really have to change sex and change name to Angelina to use this?

Or would I still be accepted by the ppl if I show up on the next kde conference with a pink desktop?

Anyways, I think it's refreshing mockup you got going there. ;)

Let's not forget about what Linus Torvalds said once when the business folks did not approve it: "what? is linux gay?"

Anonymous said...

hehehhe nice story aron

Anonymous said...

why do people seem to assume girls will like something if they make it pink?
I'm fine with the green theme, kthxbai.

p.s. that clock's not dead; it's just resting! :) the code can always be revived.

morphir: I'm pretty sure the kde community is mature enough to cope with a guy having a pink desktop ;)

p.p.s: curse you, blogger! let me comment already!

Anonymous said...

hehe cool one :-) got a question though on the rc2's i've used so far the window buttons (don't know what they're called) on the taskbar would always take up the whole height of the taskbar on the design there though you got like two "rows" which is much better - can that be configured or has it just been changed?

Unknown said...

As for avoiding discrimination in favor of some common sense, I think we should really be past that point.

The wallpaper is nice, but dedicating it to girls just because it's pink is a big *NO*. You just shouldn't do that.


Anonymous said...

That theme is really awesome, and surely not girlish :)

Anonymous said...

Dudes you guys take all of this all to seriusly :)
I made this after I saw the reaction to the sony vaio pink laptop ...
And ofcourse a bit for myself aswell I like pink :)

Anonymous said...

Man, I've got to admit that I'm quickly falling in love with this theme. After spending a few minutes staring at that screenshot now it doesn't seem girlish at all to me!

In fact, I think it could give any distro a very original and distinctive look, like the (in)famous Ubuntu's brown.

As Aaron said, I'm not that sure about the wallpaper, but I definitely *love* the soft, semi-organinc curves and highlights of the panel. Now, just provide a gentle color scheme with matching hues for Oxygen and KDE4 will be ready to rock & roll!

Javier said...

I like the wallpaper a lot, but the GUI elements somehow don't seem quite right to me for some reasons. I love the color scheme, it's very peaceful and easy on th eyes, and I'd definitely use it on y desktop.
I think what's getting to me in the curves on the GUI, they seem very not-streamlined. It's the one thing I hated about the original Windows XP GUI back when I fist saw it, the fact that it was made with curves and gradients just because they could, but without all that much effort, and the result looked like they simply gathered a bunch of stuff to show off, and put it together without looking at the final outcome.
I know this wasn't the case, and I'm sure I'd most likely get used t it after some time, but for now, something doesn't seem right to me.

Anonymous said...

I love your mock ups and having an inspiration I made this:
http://taling-hallenthur.deviantart.com/art/KDE4-Vision-72185899 .

Anonymous said...

@taling hallenthur

I like your theme. Clean & simple, yet functional.

IMO, the current Plasma theme in 4.0, though visually impressive, feels a bit overdone.

But anyway, I usually err on the side of the "just enough" kind of themes.

Cheers to you all and thanks for the great work!

Anonymous said...


and always delight us with your beautiful artwork and colors =)

KDE4 will rock thanks to you and others.

Anonymous said...

I really like the theme Nuno, but I agree 100% with Jakob Petsovits, even if you do it with good humor; pleeease don't market this as a "girly" theme! It's just so sexist! This is the 21:st centure and we need to break such silly constructions.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

O boy you guys take this realy oooooooooooooooover seriusly, frist ist all a mater of the name i put it, i can make it grils like but I will have to change the name to somthing more femenin.
Its all about marketing but in the end its plain hypocrisy we have to use some word that stands for all the stule difrences that make women so much beter than plain stupid men...
But realy we should all take things a litle bit less seriusly, work hard do our best and marvel at all the diferences of this world.

Anonymous said...

>such horror shows asid, yes, pink is
>not just for girls or mythical magical
>winged creatures (that's what
>a "fairy" is, right? i mean, don't
>tell me that was a homophobic
>reference ;)
That was a homophobic reference... :)

The pink is awful :P but I'd still like it to be in KDE 4 :)

Unknown said...

Pink has a "K" in it so it is KDE related. :-)

Anonymous said...

Simplesmente espectacular!!!!
Quando estiver sozinho em casa até talvez o use, caso contrário arrisco-me a ser gozado xD.
É sempre um orgulho haver um português num projecto grandioso como este.
Feliz ano novo!

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot guys its a pleasure to work for such a wonderfull bunch.

System Crasher said...

Hi Nuno! I saw this theme on Riccardo Laconelli's blog: it's "original"... :-D

Listen, I can see that you've a great skin on your blog: did you create it? I'd like to find an awesome style for my blog. Can you help me please? :-)

mine said...

hey nuno!

actually many people are bashing kde4 because it misses some features. It started already during the development.

I have to say: This Oxygen-Style is the most attractive workspace available - it easily beats mac, vista and gnome... I can spend the hole day watching it and resizing the icons.


The Web Doctor said...

I'm setting up a laptop with Kubuntu 8.04.1/KDE4 for my granddaughter, and I'd like to make it pink. I like the background, but so far I haven't been able to Google a theme, just concept pix. Anybody know where a complete pink KDE4 theme can be found?

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