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Nathan Willis decided to do an article on Oxygen, and decided to make some innuendos about the"closed oxygen"....
He based that on David's blog about it ... David just expressed some very inoffensive opinions on the usage of oxygen, it's unfinished nature and the fact that it was being badly repacked for gnome. (bad, being considered one of the pillars of kde4 and all)
I guess nothing extreme or closed, in fact it's rather open to be stating his view publicly, I have the same exact opinion.
To make things clear, we don't care all that much I mean, if we did we would use another license, dahhhh. The only thing that I personally dislike is the novelty effect one might lose on the release of kde 4.
Several people decided to do the same thing, repack the oxygen theme and make it widely public. Normally after we have a talk with these people and explaining it's for kde 4 and that some marketing value might be lost by their doing so they agree not to release it. We say thank you and its fine, other times we get no reply and that's fine 2.
We know the license we choose so dahhhhhhh, cmon.
But what realy disturbs me is that before publishing that article Nathan Willis asked us nothing, so what was that??? Making news out of nothing? Cause we know the license we chose so unless we are very dumb we can't be all that upset with it, can we? but did Nathan Willis asked if we were? answer no!
Maybe Nathan Willis should give a little time reading the Five golden rules for a journalist DIGG
As a purely oxygen artist I'm happy to know that people use Oxygen (after all, that's the whole point ) as a kde-promo guy I cant help having the feeling that it is bad for KDE4. But hey it's Lgpl as free as it gets. So if you want it than please go get it.


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Daniele said...

hey nuno!
I'm agree! but, sorry for ot, whats the progress of raptor? :P (I'm very curios :D)

Anonymous said...

This blog post is full of shit. -> This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Lu! said...

It's double licensed. It's GPL too.

Anonymous said...

Let's be really extra clear here to avoid further confusion. As comment #3 suggested, the Oxygen icons are dual-licensed. Those two licenses are:

* Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

It's neither "No Derivative Works" as #2 claimed, nor is it GPL as #3 claimed.

-- Eike Hein, KDE

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your hard work,
and don't care of the lamers..

Anonymous said...

Another point in this article that just isn't true is that he claims that Oxygen is a closed project and doesn't allow participation of new artists.

I see many different people touching the oxygen icon set and really, getting a KDE svn account is much more easy than getting commit access to other projects

Pinheiro said...

Yes, the thing that makes me upset is the inuendos it does saying oxygen is a closed project.
Oxygen is one of the most open projects know off specialy as art goes. 99% of icon sets out there are delivered ready to go and finished or at least mostly finished.
From the frist icons that went into svn we probably have none of them by now. And that is do to user feedback commits from new people and general openness of the project.

Just couse david posted a blog about the obvius, that we were a bit unhappy to see some of the icons being repacked for a gnome theme, meens we are closed????

Anonymous said...

hey nuno
see it a bit like this: linux and kde have become so popular and common that even people who don't really have a clue (i mean look at the guy's arguments) think they know a lot - that's a great achievement! linux for the masses! plus of course your work is outstanding so there's lots of room for jealousy :-)

Anonymous said...

please make kde4 beautiful


Anonymous said...

maybe a little off-topic, but is there any decision made about the kde4 default font yet?
i think to make your whole theme more appealing a new default font needs to be included with kde4

Pinheiro said...

I personaly love liberation sans, and i like smaler than the usual big sized fonts, also prefer the grey toned fonts opesed to black ones....

but that is just me every time i sugest the issue people sudgest another thing, in the end i think its a personal choice.

And truth be said most distros think in theyr hown way about thet subject .

Anonymous said...

you rock pinheiro

please do your best for making KDE 4 as beautiful as possible, you are really talented artist and many people (including me) loves your work and the work that the Oxygen team are doing.

thanks for your hard work and keep up the great work, cant wait for KDE 4.0.0 to be released, it will be one of the best releases ever in the KDE history :-)

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