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Move lets move!.

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People have been blogging lately about KDE 4.0 and their experiences with it.
I must say that I still find it a bit unusable, but one can clearly see the potential for greatness it has.
This week we should be seeing lots of nifty new artwork going into kde4.0 And we have an adjourned meeting with plasma pannel people :).


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Anonymous said...

awesome colour palette!

Anonymous said...

that is a fresh splashscreen-like image, hint hint :)
really nice

Anonymous said...

very nice

i hope that meeting goes well, and i hope to see your slick and very nice mock up panel/taskbar being a reality in plasma :)

keep up the excellent work KDE guys

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous above,

True, but right now is the time to focus on 4.0. The current panel looks pretty ugly and Vista-like, so Nuno's expertise is desperately needed there. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah i hope we will also see davigno's krunner implemented :))

i can't wait, kde4 will be great

Chandru said...

What happened at the meeting? Has your design been accepted??