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Fixing and fixing, everything..

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Just another example of oxygen work, hope you guys like it...
Lots of developments in the last days in the style front, it seems we will be getting more help in the code making and usability front. I hope we can work all the issues the style seems to have right now..


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Anonymous said...

I especially like how the light realistically seems to come from a specific light source. This is a feature that by far not all Oxygen icons have. The lighting of the new K menu button icon, for example, looks just weird - but the icon is still very pretty, don't get me wrong there.

Anonymous said...

As someone that holds these things every now and then, I have to note that the sizes are a bit out of proportion.
The yellow handle looks a bit short for the long shaft and the flattened part at the tip is also a bit short..

Naturally, the look is, as usual, pretty darn nice!

illissius said...

How far along is the Oxygen widget style? Are large visual changes still to be expected?

If not, here's some constructive criticism based on the screenshots I've seen so far. It does a lot of things right: the emphasis on a /lack/ of frames and borders, for one. Oddly enough, though (I would not have predicted this), having no borders or separating elements between widgets at all actually seems (for me) to go too far in the other direction, and increase the sense of busyness and clutter, rather than decrease it. It loses coherence, and you have trouble distinguishing at first glance where one thing ends and the other begins, what belongs together, what's what, and such... I'm not exactly sure how to describe the effect. Using very light-colored gradients and lines everywhere, with little contrast, also contributes to this.

I recently stumbled upon this mockup: http://kde-look.org/CONTENT/content-pre1/60475-1.jpg
I think you could do well to copy or take some cues from it (the widget style in it, that is -- Oxygen icons are great already). The separating elements are all unobtrusive and low key, but very clear and well defined at the same time -- and they seem like organic parts of the window itself, rather than something explicitly put there. You know... like parts of the underlying window, rather than like widgets on it. I think the whole style just looks amazingly solid and excellent.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

It's really nice, but maybe the yellow handle is a little too "toy-looking" while the shaft is realistic-looking.

Taupter said...

Wow - At a glance it tricked me as being a real photo. :)

Anonymous said...


logixoul said...

Well done! Is it supposed to succeed the current configure icon? If that is the case, I just want to chime in by saying that IMO this change
should never have done in the first place. I like the old realistic wrench better than both the current one and this here screwdriver ;)
Just my 2 cents, keep rocking.