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Oxygen going fast, fast, faster.

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fastLast week was wonderful for oxygen, we set a net commit record. And made some of the most exiting work i have seen so far has icon goes.
David Miller just joined the Oxygen effort and he is ...... well amazing.
The mime type icons are going through a huge amount of work and are rely looking so much better David (the other one ;) ) is making some of his best work ever, there.
The Sound theme just got some more fresh super sounds from Nuno Povoa.
And I redid the mouse and some more little stuff that i think are ok ;).


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Anonymous said...

Amazing stuf!!!!

Anonymous said...

- the shadow at the bottom o´f the cup looks wrong

- i had problems to identify the whwite blob as a mouse

Anonymous said...

the glass is quite big compared to the cup, same for mouse and screen. not that i expect relations matching realiy, but the mouse is vertically even larger than the screen...

Anonymous said...

beautiful, tnx for the great work you're doing!

Anonymous said...

Dude the mouse is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Well, even so I can see that a lot of efforts went into drawing the mouse, I feel that 1) from this perspetive it is not easily recognizable and 2) most mice don't have such an asymmetric shape which again does not make it very recognizable.

But none the less, thanks a lot for your efforts!

pinheiro said...

well difrent sizes....I assure you i do my best to make the icons has big has possible, the mouse looks bigher tha the screen couse the screnn must be wider to look a screen i could make the base of the screen bigher but that would mke the screen look wird.

the shadow in the cup is corect couse its not a shadow only its the under part of the plate.

its a ergonomic mouse like most modern mouses i actuly wen to a store and counted the mouse they had in display, most of them were ergonomic.

thank you for the comments

landolsi said...

Thx a lot! for the GREAT work. I just want ask : is there any screenshot of the oxygen style and window decoration?

Anonymous said...

Very good work. Oxygen is shaping up nicely. But IMHO there is too much of different shades of gray and Blue. I don't see other colors much. It will be good if other colors are used as well. It's too blueish right now. How about default directory icon in a different color? Like light yellow?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the ergonomic mouse style it is as simple as that:

It is not the artistically most pleasing or oh so innovative icon (that's what you icon designers are striving for) that works. Nor is it the one that reflects the most current trend in pointing devices (that's what the shops are selling).

It is the icon that underlines everything mice have had in common for quite some time now: Two buttons and a scroll wheel, nothing else. Not the fancy ergonomic squiggle, not the red light on the top, not the focus on right-handedness. These unimportant details just distract people and make them think instead of recognize.

Anonymous said...

I would buy that mouse!

Fabien said...

The mouse is really nice.
The tea cup and the glass are fine, but what will they represent ? uh a Java program ?
I'd like to know :)

pinheiro said...

Well the glass is not a icon right now its a place older for a joiner off stuf, multiple brushes (drawing aplication) pen, erraser, clip (office).
The good thing about a glass is that its a visual way to join multipple objects and still see them.
Yes the coffe cup will be java related, depending of usage i will had some more information.

Roberto said...

Well after the explanation... :-D

- what is the third icon? KDE coins?

Sorry, the artwork is beautiful but I don't think the icon are "iconic" enough... It obviously depend on the context where you see them, but then again I think their meaning should be a little more "obvious" :-)


Francesco said...

Nuno... Is it possible to get oxygen icons already as an icon set for KDE 3.x? I cannot wait for KDE 4.0 to come out to get these! :)

Martyn said...

Great work ! Thanks !

We asked me for Oxygen sounds some months ago, well, I created a blog here with all our KDE4 sounds.
Tell Nuno Povoa to join us ;)

Anonymous said...

roberto....database most widly known simbol.

Diogo said...

Daqui: http://bitaites.org/cenas-geek/o-openoffice-e-se-fosses-limpar-o-rabinho

รณ Nuno identifica ai essa barrinha toda pipi que tens em cima, sff


PS: Grandes icons aqui, sim senhor!

Kishan.Bobba said...

I just following all the work you people are doing.
Great stuff.
But are you people able to figure it out that great looking desktop environment can not be complete with nice font.

Anonymous said...

on entirely different topic:
nuno, do you have plans to port your nuvola icons to kde4 (in case we don't like oxygen so much ;-))?

pinheiro said...

Sory has I am for not being the creator of Nuvoula, im sure the using a scrip one can easily use the great set from david in kde 4.

simca said...

I've seen some Oxygen icons in the past, and now looking at these, my main concern is still the same: not enough contrast. They look like they're having fuzzy edges, like out of focus. I have to force myself to no trying to focus on them, because I can't. It hurts my eyes. Otherwise they are nice and realistic and everything.

Anonymous said...

The icons are beautiful (but I hate the mouse, I'm left-handed!), but they need some color.

Since one of the effects to indicate ghosted icons (or highlited icons) is to desaturate/saturate them, it will not be possible to distinguish these icons from the inactive/active ones.