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Moving along

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Small Small icons are important we know that. KDE apps are important. But also important is desktop integration with non kde apps like scribus.
So having that in mind i started a new set of action icons staring from the smallest icon to the biggest one, so have a look at some of the ones we made so far.....

The best part is that most of this icons are usable in all sorts of apps like koffice and openoffice.


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Daniel said...

Finally, the sanity returns to KDE's icons. Arrows are just arrows.

Seems I can finally stop adding to Tango's KDE-related set.

Kuhrscher said...

Simple but beautiful. Really nice :)

Btw will there be an oxygen icon set for OpenOffice like the Crystal one that is included atm?

Pinheiro said...

Kuhrscher, yes i said it several times :) i did the cristal set with Robert W. and will do t again.
Daniel that arrow is just one of the many arrows we have to think about using its not certain that we will use it.
I did that arrow after making the small ones you see there and them trying t recapture its shape and style.

Shyru said...

Aren't action-icons supposed to have a shadow under them?
- Other than this, nice work!

aw man! that looks smoking hot. Congrats!