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More apps, more mimetypes.

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This is a quick post just t show some of the latest developments in oxygen first , krita icon and krita mimetype

Second Kchart withe his mimetype alongside.

Finally the midi mimetype in another position.


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Anonymous said...

So nice! the oxygen artists are my heroes.

Anonymous said...

Looks great - and I like the transparency on the kchart icon.
Hopefully this is also what it will look like in the real graph/chart in the document, but this is probably dependent on graphics/programming stuff.

Though the colours on the kchart icon look a bit dark - could be a bit more vibrant and lighter (e.g. the green like the green from the music notes).

Anonymous said...

I do like this version of the MIDI-file icon more! As In Real Life, the piano generally goes underneath the music notes. Excellent

Anonymous said...

I am wondering about the krita icon. If krita finally supports openraster then the mime type should be different.

Louis said...

Yes, the MIDI icon looks much better that way. These icons are beautiful. The Krita icon is very original, and I love it.

Ben Axnick said...

The oxygen icons continue to blow me away. I especially like the kchart icon. The midi icon looks much better with the keys on the bottom instead of the top.

Keep up the great work!

Cyrille Berger said...

To annonymous #3, even with OpenRaster, Krita will still have its own mimetype. And of course, the OpenRaster mimetype icon would need to be different, but I really doubt it should be the priority of the Oxygen team ;)

ash said...

awesome icons. suggestion - could you have the stripes krita icon fade out? that'd look a lot more paintbrushy than how it is now.

keep the great cool work going!

Anonymous said...

Nice icons, keep up the good work!

One question, though:
Will the 16x16 versions of these icons be just scaled versions of the same or will there be separate design for them?

pinheiro said...

yes 16x16 they will be worked out.
Its one of the things we have improved a lot latly thanks to D. Miller work.
As an exemple the kchart icon almost needs no change, the mime's needs alot of work on the paper.

The structure of the icons ins svn is like, this we have source svg file and then a small directory for the 16x16 svg file and 22x22 svg file. And some 32x32 and 48x48 are also worked out. keybord for example.

Simon said...

Just a quick thought - would it be nice to have colour consistency in all the koffice app icons - kchart has green, blue, red; krita has green, blue, pink? I don't know if you have icons for kword, kspread etc yet?

Anyway, these look great

skierpage said...

Gorgeous, KChart makes me want to eat gummi bears. However, as someone who's spent time "watching paint dry" :-), the krita brush strokes aren't quite right. In an actual brush stroke, there's a ridge of paint at the very start of the stroke, and there may be a pool of paint right at the brush tip, but there's never a band of paint a fifth of the way in as you've drawn. So the three colors don't look like brush strokes, they look like metallic textures or jar lids.

pinheiro said...

about using realistic brush strokes.
frist realistick brush strokes scale rely poorly this way the image you see in the small version is the same os this big one.
second i wanted to make somthing that is not actualy a stroke but a stroke meets pallete meets somthing only a powerfull app like krita can make.

Anonymous said...

The two notes likely should be moved a pixel up at the resolution of the preview shots. As right now the "E" and the "B" notes have a tendency to be almost an "D" or an "A".

Looks awesome otherwise :)


Anonymous said...

Muito bem, os meus parabens pelo excelente conjunto de icons, ainda por cima feitos aqui na terrinha ;) Keep up the good work!!

Ben Schleimer said...

The kchart icon looks amazing. It's definitely a step up from the folder icon in oxygen...

Nice work.

Anonymous said...

the icons look great, i would just change the color of hair of the brush from white to light beige, because if they are white, they blend with the background

Mercurio said...

I have a strange feeling about krita icon too. I feel too much "symmetry" for a creative app. It seems an icon more suitable for a CAD.

Have you tried to make the green strip shorter, to give an idea of "action" to the brush, and break a bit this symmetry?

(btw you have really done a great work for this and the other icons!)