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OK! time to give us some input on the work we have done so far.
OpenUsability have prepared us a fantastic icon survey.
Please click on it, and call all your friends to take the survey.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that kind of option to get our (users) feedback.

I must say I like the icons very much but for example the mimetype icons (they are way to small to see the difference between them) and shutdown/restart/logon as new user icons were all very similiar and not much meaningful, I'd be totaly lost if there would be no text under each icon discribing what it means. Same goes for the instant messenger icons that were available to choose from. Or the undo/redo icons, the curved approach looks very strange to me.
Perhaps you should consider adding an option "I can't decide which to choose" or "They all look very much the same to me".

I hope you understand this as constructive critism, I'm really looking forward to Oxygen! Thanks for your hard work.

Brian Beck said...

I agree with the above, there were questions when I wanted to say "I wouldn't click any of these!" Also agreed on the mimetype icons and logout icons, their meaning is indistinguishable.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you will be able to get the information about the "natural reading direction" of the people completing the survey. The country is only a rough approximation.
My guess would be that for Arabic and Japanese, left may not always mean "before" or "prior", but from the personal data you collect, you may have some noise in this info.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I am stupid but what do the Icons show? A kind of USB electric shaving device? Sorry, I don't get it.