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The red Bell

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One thing I realized from my last post is that Oxygen does in fact use less red than blue :).
Well the fact that red is a color associated with mandatory rules and warnings might have something to do with it, so that means that red is probably not the best color for lets say...... a mouse. Btw after all the comments i got i will try to make a mouse in the other position that is with the buttons facing up and improve the contrast of white.

David sugested to me the other day that i worked the bell icon a bit (the curent one looks like a UFO in small sizes). One thing lead to another, warning, bell puff red bell!
So what do you guys think?
(BTW 22x22px and 16x16px still neads to be done).


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Elliot said...

Red is also a colour that many people have trouble seeing due to colourblindness.

I suffer from mild colourblindness, and while I have no trouble seeing the red of the bell, lighter shades can appear to me as white, not to mention that red is a colour that my eyes seem to glide over and miss much more easily.

Pinheiro said...

Thank you so much for your comment, I sometimes forguet that factor.
This is an all red icon so i gess its not very problematic.

Anonymous said...

I like the shape and the red bell part. I think I would make the bottom rectangle black, or perhaps brown.

Thanks for listening about the mouse!

Like the above post, I do think that the rectangular base should be in another color, like black or gray.

Also, the yellow part lacks contrast on non-white background like the gray you've used.


Anonymous said...

1. Lose the silver screws -- they are assymetric and leave the image unbalanced

2. Simplify -- make the red bell a simple smooth dome lose the bubble in the center

3. Simplify -- lose the red rectangle, cause the hammer to issue directly from beneath the round bell

Pinheiro said...

heeee that to me seams like a red ball.

@gustavo has i said they are only the big versions.
But some extra work might be needed in the 32x32.

Anonymous said...

It's a little bit hard to see that it's a bell in smaller sizes. The hammer looks a little bit too "thin".

>> not to mention that red is a colour that my eyes seem to glide over and miss much more easily.

Aren't red and yellow supposed to be the colors that attract the eye the most?

Also, I agree that the rectangle base should have another color.

shamaz said...

Well done. But imo, looking at the small version, it's not really clear that it's a bell :S
Maybe the hammer should be bigger ?

Maybe I'm not used to his kind of color for a bell :) (more used to this http://www.healthcare.uiowa.edu/cdd/Images/bell%20icon.gif)

Maybe I'm too used to think a bell looks like this : http://www.esd112.org/courses/assets/taplarge.gif

Maybe this comment contains to much maybes ?

Will said...

I agree that the hammer is too small at the 2 lowest resolutions, it needs to be scaled up a bit.

Johann said...

I definitly prefer your 1st (the gold one). These one was perfect for the kopete's toolbars and menu, and this is the one i still plan to use for it ;)


Anonymous said...

i like it. it's funny :-)

Henry Miller said...

It looks fake. Like someone put a bell up knowing it would never be used. Every bell of that type I've seen hasn't been painted in 50 years or more. Most of the bell itself is bare metal, while the base is red that has faded. Even the one bell that was painted recently had no paint where the beater hits it.

Now if you can actually pull the above effect of in an icon... well I couldn't pull off even something as 'simple' as your version, so I'm not about to make any demands.

I think it is a little too red - but then I'm slightly colorblind, so that might be just the way I see it.

Anonymous said...

Great work, I really like it! :)

Anonymous said...

I like it, but also think, that the rectangle at the bottom should be a different color like silver/black/gold.

Pinheiro said...

I tried several colors but none satisfied me it looked strange.
i will fix the hamer a bit to improve his visability aiming at 48x48 and 32x32 and maybe that will fix it for 22x22.

Lior said...

Hi, this is my first comment here.

I think the bell itself is beautiful. But the rectangle below it is not so nice. It's not realistic enough, it seems too 2D. It lacks weight. I ask myself -- how is the bell actually connected to its basis? The screws are OK because they add to the realism but they need to be symmetrical.

I hope this would be useful. You do great work.

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