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Just an icon theme?

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Not every day is an icon day.

Oxygen is as i normaly say, much more than a plain icon theme. It's an art platform for KDE and open source in general. Our work stretches from the KDE sites to the "I LOVE konqui" sticker.

Therefore for the sake of the all you can do in with a vector editing program I have been messing arround alot with the sites arwork, and with some preliminary sketches for a new generation widget theme for KDE. It's still not much of a big deal, but the cooperation has been terrific untill now so i'm very confident we will have something nice to show in the near future!

I've also been working on the icons.Specialy on the feedback part, so i have been spending a great deal of time talking with users. Many opinions are already being taken in consideration and some are even already part of the more recent commits. So everything's geting into place and well taken care of.

Oxygen now is much more than just me, Ken and David it is a group of people working together in several aspects of the KDE artwork.

Btw can't make a blogg entry wthout a pretty picture so here it is :) 1900x1200


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apokryphos said...

Beautiful! Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty indeed (though I'm not too fond of the version number, I am using 3.4 at the moment). :-)

Anonymous said...

Please, please, provide the source SVG so that people can create 1600x1200 version of that great wallpaper. :-)

nuno pinheiro said...

not for this one sory the intire wallpaper is a cliping of part of the svg.
but couse im such a nice guy and all i made a version just for you :) http://nuno-icons.com/rect20081600.png

Antonio said...

Good work!

Just an opinion... how about using the "KDE Official Lineart" (simple or detailed) logo?
I think it would fit better than the crystal one :)

Thomas said...

Please take a look at these mockups when forming your ideas for the style:
KDE4 Mockup by eriol: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=28476
KDM Them Designer mockup by UpsilonH24: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=35183

And most important (imo):
Konqueror for a new experience by ibc (who does awesome work, there's a link to a HTML+Javascript version of it in the downloads links, amazing!): http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=36385

You probably already know them, but I just wasn't sure how much time you spent on kde-look.org, so I thought posting it couldn't be wrong ;-).

nuno pinheiro said...

Ofcourse i know eriolan he is working with me on the theme, we can miss the good guys can we :)

JAMES DEAN said...

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