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Updating oxygen site.

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We are working on a new version of oxygen site that will have lots of new exyting features.

Also we will be refreshing the previews to reflect the current state of the theme.

We hope to have a realy good colaboration forum so that all artists, developers, kde users may join the oxygen efort.

Another cool feature that we are working on is some usability test's for the icons in order to improve the metafores and to test some new ones.

Stay tuned!!

BTW those icons are some of the new action icons we have done.


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aleander said...

Whooo :-)

At last. An icon theme with a chance to be near-complete and good looking (to me) at once. Keep up the good work and I will have one more reason to switch from Gnome to KDE4 when it comes out :>

RS3York said...

The theme is shaping up nicely! It's nice to see a theme that isn't afraid to use black for something other than to outline shapes. Very clean look.

Anonymous said...

are there still users, that use those old floppy disks ???

i would suggest buying a usb stick !

Anonymous said...

About flopy well in the day some one present's me with a more uasable metafore for save, i will be more than hapy to leave them for good has i did the actual ones many years ago.
Btw has most people i save my files in a hard drive.
I dont think an hard drive is a good save icon.

Anonymous said...

You just know the floppy icon will save the doc/object you work on, but that's only be cause it has been that way since the floppy-era...

Of course only way it to change would be that this generation of computer users would force a update their mental picture of the save action and it's icon, and that's pretty hard thing to do instantly for most people.

More modern way might be to use record-type icon, I mean the red disc used on VCR/modia player/recorders, but yet again that s way too close to the stop-sign-like stop icon right now, so that would need to change to a red square to meet the VDR/media player/recorder look (I bet moving from Win 3.1 look to VDR look resurfaces from time to time).

And I haven't been using floppies for about a decade now, only few times when forced to do a BIOS update with DOS discs, but that's only needed with older motherboards.

sAra said...

I am glad to see that you are using black. It looks elegant.

Anonymous said...

use for save button an arrow pointing to a hard disk drive like this