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new previews

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Hi has promised the oxygen site has now brand new previews.
Chek them out!!


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Anonymous said...

They look great, but it is too bad the SVG icons are not SVG tiny compliant. They would look really good on my mobile. :)

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

The action icons seems to have gone even further away from symbols and more to real items and/or actions.

The text below the preview states there is a noticeable outline, I didn't notice it on the colorpicker and the clip until I look closely.

Overall the work is _looking_ more neat, but the original Ideas I read about which really got me excited (color coded icons, sub-actions on hover, preview actions when dragging and not dropping, animated on hover) doesn't show at all.

It's good working, just don't forget that if the symbolics fail, the icons are useless to the user. Make sure it's easily recognizable and that users quickly associate it as symbols, not images.

Anonymous said...

Love the straight looking folders. I can just imagine the dominate mimetype being displayed in between the folder, sticking out on the righthand and top side while partialy alpha masked by the front of the folder.

And when you call up properties on a folder there being being three layers of user addible objects: behind, inside and in-front of the folder. That you can replace the white sheet with a selection of a photo from inside the folder and then like a real folder the name would be Birthday and the folder icon would contain a picture of a birthday cake cropped from the actual 'candle blowing photograph' inside the directory.

dennis p

carlo.91 said...

These icons are really great. The designers nowadays are really thinking out of the box. The designs just keep on getting better and better. Great site anyway.