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Working like never before

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In the past months i have been working more than i ever did in my intire life, the good thing is that i'm not to tired.
So what have i been up to?
Well Oxygen mostly, i decided to redo most of the action icons, and try to presuit a new way of expresing them, must say i think its is working, also david's icons are loking sweet and kenenth made an amasing joob on some icons of its own.

Spread kde site, well some work there, but i have "seen the light" and think i will try to push in a slightly diferent direction.

Phonon site, done joob! The site should be hiting the fans some time soon.

Some koffice icons, in the old crystal style. I have been talking to the koffice guys, and we have come to an understendment to join their icon set with the one i make for openoffice so this time koffice will have a truly complete icon set. All of the oo.o icon theme plus the koffice theme rounds up to more than diferent 1100 icons so big joob in front of me for the coming months.

If you guys have some cool fun pictures, and you dont mind sharing them with the comunity, please send them to me! I'm creating a database of free pictures to use on kde sites has i see our sites nead to say more with fewer words. And if we have so much fun working at it shouldn't the sites say just that ?

Humm in case you are wondering what that image is .... well its an icon ofcourse but im not sure it will be an oxygen action icon.


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vladc6 said...

Have you ever considered re-using icons from Ubuntu's Human Theme?

They're of really high quality, and it could save you time by allowing you to focus on other icons.

Anonymous said...

1100 icons?? Wow. I can't begin to imagine where all those icons are in OO.o or KOffice.. Wouldn't a lot of the icons be the same as those from other applications?

Anonymous said...

Yeh, I had to redo the original icons for koffice, well 5, which is probably nothing what to you did. However I do agree that new more unified icons should be used for koffice as they don't have any relation to kde or working together. I have tried emailing them through the mailing list but got no response. Can you somehow force them to change.

thanks Luke

Pinheiro said...

Well the best place to make good contact is in the irc chanel, it normaly works beter.
Great work btw.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nuno,
Thank you for your great work! :D You're doing a fantastic job and I'm highly looking forward to seeing your art live in KDE 4! So thank you for all you are doing. :)

Anonymous said...

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Porfirio said...

Hi Nuno Pinheiro!

You are making a awesome work on the new icon themes!!

KDE4 Will be so cool!

Oh, and its cool to find a portuguese guy working direct in KDE4\plasma Progect

I am from Portugal too, more presizely from AlcobaƧa