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Its all about Phonon

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So today Matthias Kretz
announced the on line status of the phonon site its a great project one that will address one of the most reclaimed changes to kde but is also a great new vision for a multimedia architecture for kde 4.
I'm very proud to have been able to provide a little bit of help to phonon effort.
We at Oxygen are working very hard to make new visual perspectives and ideas to kde and i think we are doing some progress on that field.

David an Ken are planing a trip to my place so we can boost the iconset, and also talk and work on all the other kde project's we got ourselvs into, allot to do in a busy work week, I'm very happy about this they are the the coolest artist i know and can't wait they get here.


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annma said...

Great websites you design, the Phonon website (and Solid) looks very professional.
Thanks a lot for all your efforts in making KDE more modern!

Desenho livre said...

Há alguma chance de vocês usarem ícones animados para exemplificar a ação?

Is there any chance to use animated SVG icons to make it actions more easily noted/clear.

Just a though but would be very cool and intuitive.

Anonymous said...

Looks very similar in style to solid.kde.org and plasma.kde.org. However, it does when added more websites with this style work well, makes it more apart of the grand kde project.

Just a few things that needs minor tweaks. I think Phonon text, in the header fades out too much, which doesn't work well with black. Even smaller thing I noticed, the inner border radius isn't the correct size (Doesn't really matter, I notice small things.)

Good work though, would like to get kde.org with a nice style like this

pinheiro said...

we are currently working very hard on that front in fact we are working on all kde sites fronts, just doing it one at the time.
you are absolutly right about your remarks, i should fix that issues has they are important specily the inner border radius.
Im not sure i will have to redisign all of the small content sites, has the style we are implementing for kde.org is so much nicer, usable and apeling than this one is.