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Oxygen, much more than just an icon theme.

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In the last months i din't had much time for blogging, but that was great, couse i'm spending all of my spare time and some of my other time ;) in this great project, Oxygen.

And what is so exyting about one more icon theme?

Well it is not just an icon
theme! It is that but its so much more.
One of the new things we are talking about in the oxygen group is the possibility of light efects on svg, depending on
external factors, like position on scren.

Zack over at Troltech is
implementing a realy nice engine to render svg into qt and one of the ideas is to make special inclusions into the svg code so that we can make the svg more "interavctive".
And this kinda stuf can then be seen all over kde, in widgets, decorations, special made websites, and not just icons.

One more thing i hope to keep doing wille at the oxygen group is layouts for kde related pages, one of the last ones i did was this http://img284.imageshack.us/my.php?image=text138731qs.png but this one came way to late and the event was already gone, never the less i hope i can adapt it for next year.

And still one more thing, today i posted to kde-look a very big colection (about 800) of action icons in svg form and the standard small sizes, i hope you guys make the most use of them. http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=30987


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Ian Monroe said...

Get a flickr account for hosting blog images. :)

nikhil said...

awesome, just awesome
KDE is becoming so rich I wonder if we will be able to live without it.

David said...

Well done man! This is very nice.

AngryMike said...

More interactive? The SVG events/dom/microdom(SVGT)/ECMA isn't enough? Better to stick with standard SVG IMHO. Still great to here SVG making progress with the trolls.

Anonymous said...

it is great how Trolltech are working to improve SVG support and KDE is using more and more SVG but it is a shame more people are not using Karbon to create SVG. would love to see more developers working on Karbon

Pinheiro said...

well i use karbon14 i just dont use it has ofen i i would like to :) i woul love to leave inkscape for good kde vector program.

Jorge said...

o layout da pagina podia ser melhorado carago! acho que és capaz de bem melhor...

um abraco deste teu amigo que nao pode por c cedilhas...

pinheiro said...

o meu ganda cargo, (my big ....)
mas será que não podes ver( is it posible that you can see)
que este layhout não é meu (that this layout is not mine) :)

outro abraço completamente dislexico.