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Two weeks ago i went to this event in my home country, it had some lectures about OSS, an among others they had the privilege of having kde developer Josef Spillner, i just made it to the last day of the conference, but i manage to atend de Kde vs. Gnome lecture.
Well it went lot better than i expected, zero casualties and no injuries :) from the gnome side we had Juan José Sánchez Penas, and on our side we had Josef Spillner. I managed to say some things myself and the debate went pretty well.

But what made me think was the fact that i was the only Portuguese guy that actually was working on one of the projects!!!
That did it i decided i was going to create a LUG.

The idea was popping on my head from time to time but i did never got the time to take it forward, only to discover that the satatus of things would not change, so wy be plain tired wen you can be extremely tired. ;)
i had some contacts of some local kde user and already knew yagami (working a bit on kopete related stuff). With that in mind i contacted the guy and told him about my plans, he was very receptive about it, and there you go 2 members.
But i wanted a crowd so i contacted a local irc frequent user and kde fan and asked him to join us ..... so now we are 3, but then i figured that as a bit to less and ask the local translation team to join us, 4,5, and also Josef Spillner, 6. so now we are 6 :)
And has of today we have a logo :)

We have big plans :), but for starters a web page would be nice. Humm does any one out there has some extra web storage space ;).
If any one wants to join our local user group please do so, there is much to be done. My contact nuno.pinheiro at kdemail.net

On my other work, Oxygen is coming along, nicer every day, in the coming days i will talk a bit more about all the great stuf we got there, for starters we have a way beter logo than kde.pt but thats only natural couse it was made by the great David Vignoni, and that one above was made by me :)


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Lopo Almeida said...


Grande ideia. Como está a andar o LUG para o burgo?

Ivan Pylat said...

Thanks for sharing:)