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One more color picker and a Kard.

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Think this is a better kolorpicker icon, that the ones I made so far, this one is heavily based in one Robert Wadley did.
The other thing I did messed up entirely was the KDE business card.
I had this dead line to send the work to Tiago Macieira, and I failed it completely,
all cause I sent the email to none other than stupid me :(.
Tiago was really cool about it and did not killed me.

Any way here you can find a preview of what they would look like.


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philipptr said...

i like both.
nothing worng with the kolorpicker and the kards are looking great and very professional (especially the front) :)

Anonymous said...

I also felt the need to post that your business card design looks really great.

Aurélien Gâteau said...

Only problem I have with the business card is that you can read KKK on it, which is not really nice :-(.

Anonymous said...

It's 'did mess up' and 'did kill' ;-).

Anonymous said...

this is my first ever blog post, and i thought i would give it to you to say the business cards look great. you did a very good job on them.

pinheiro said...

thanks :) you guys are to kind.
please dont mention the k k k thing, it was just plain bad luck, im not american so i didnt see that i hope no one else see's it.

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Deoki said...

Será este o look do KDE 4?
Adorei todos os desenhos aqui mostrados e no conjunto, pode-se dizer que é um genero de sneak-a-peek do que virá, ou estou errado? :)

Vou passar a vir cá mais vezes embora tenha começado só agora a usar a minha primeira distro do linux (o Ubuntu), e não sendo nenhum guru de design/dev tb não sei como ajudar no que for preciso, mas deixo aqui as minhas mais sinceras palavras de apreço e agradecimento por haver um Portugues que está a trabalhar num projecto simplesmente genial como o KDE|Plasma.

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kitten said...

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