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Just Arrived From Azores.

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Im absolutly marved about an island i visited this wekend. I viseted the island of São Miguel, that is
one of the 9 Azores Islands.
http://www.drtacores.pt Its a must visit place for all you guys if you like nature, thre is no place laike azores.

Well but im back from holidays so i gess its back to work has usual, and i have a loot of that this days.
frist. start making some toolbar icons for the new project.
second make some icons dannya asked, i still satarting, but i made a pencil ruber that i think is more visible on small icons than the
standard ruber version.
and im still working on a gui for the digest site, i think we are gueting there ;)
now if only the commits had standard spacing...


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Anonymous said...

Olá Nuno, essa foto é de sua autoria? Se você concorda com a GFDL (versão da GPL para documentos e imagens), que tal subí-la para a Wikipédia?


pinheiro said...

Sim é minha, podes fazer com ela o que bem entender. tudo o que faço é lgpl ou gpl ou qualquer outra forma apropriada e livre.

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