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Desktop Blackboard.

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Some guy caled Aseigo, or whats is name, ;) was loking for a logo, so i made this.

Well i know its not black its green

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Its for an event going on on San Diego in October, but i gess you all know our Aseigo. So you can read it on his blog.


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peter said...

I Like ´Desktop Blackboard' very much!


Anonymous said...

Very nice,

What about providing a similar version for KDE-Edu?


Qoerg said...

I would like to know how you can make such good icons and pics... which program do you use, how to make 3d look like pics and everything, hell no, not everything, just a little beginig.

pinheiro said...

well i use inkscape, and if you dropme an email i can send you a litle tutorial that i and robert wadlay made has an hot to make kinda crystal icons.

Qoerg said...

Ok, my mail is qoergtux@gmail.com
Really thank you and congratulations for you work.

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