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So today i made...

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Today i made a litle plug for the kde OO.o crystal icon set
i would love to have some opinions on this.... ;)


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maitilupas said...

esta ficha electrica está espectacular

Paul Bloch said...

Here's a plug for your plug...Nice plug. ;) Hi my name is Paul, I'm a graphic designer in the US (Massachusetts). I just found out about the Plasma project, and it sounds very exciting. Please check out my blog at openartist.net and tell me what you think of some of my work. I'm working on a new portfolio site but it won't be up for a few weeks...I'm learning Flash, and the learning curve is steeper than anticipated. Adios mi amigo!

I'm curious if you know anything about a club or forum for open source designers...there are a few out there and I wonder if there is a centralized place where they(we) meet. I think that the future of open source rests heavily on the organization of talented designers to come together and work with open source developers on usability and "looks" to create something truly innovative and amazing. I think it's possible...Anyway, I could type for hours but nice to know there are designers out there working torward this end...Last question; is Plasma working with the people inolved with Topaz, the next-gen gnome desktop? I think it would be great if you did, they seem to have a lot of great ideas.


Anonymous said...

One last thing, a critical commment. I think that the shadow on the grey cord of your plug gives it a "kink", what in my office we call a "wow", when a curve appears to have irregular shape to it that disturbs the eye. I'd give it s curve that follows the contour of the cord and not a "wave" as you have it.

Just a thought.


unixlinux said...

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