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Just an icon theme?

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Not every day is an icon day.

Oxygen is as i normaly say, much more than a plain icon theme. It's an art platform for KDE and open source in general. Our work stretches from the KDE sites to the "I LOVE konqui" sticker.

Therefore for the sake of the all you can do in with a vector editing program I have been messing arround alot with the sites arwork, and with some preliminary sketches for a new generation widget theme for KDE. It's still not much of a big deal, but the cooperation has been terrific untill now so i'm very confident we will have something nice to show in the near future!

I've also been working on the icons.Specialy on the feedback part, so i have been spending a great deal of time talking with users. Many opinions are already being taken in consideration and some are even already part of the more recent commits. So everything's geting into place and well taken care of.

Oxygen now is much more than just me, Ken and David it is a group of people working together in several aspects of the KDE artwork.

Btw can't make a blogg entry wthout a pretty picture so here it is :) 1900x1200

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How about some odf?

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And this last days i have been working on some mocks and other random stuf, all exyting stuf i assure you ;).
I also have some perliminary versions of mime types for ODF Stlill neads some work i know :). But tell-me what you think in the frist place they are a bit off the general oxygen mime types, but it does IMO integrate well the odf logo, so im unsure.

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Mery Xmas from Oxygen!!

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Here it goes the traditional Xmas wallpaper from the Oxygen team to all Kde Xmas Loving crew.

Btw i have one question to make to the kde crew, what is your opinion on the current state of oxygen icon set, and general artwork?

One more thing...... The link to a 1280x1024 version of that pick and a 1900x1200
. Also the source SVG.

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just an wallpapper i made based on the one I am using as image in the oxygen theme!

Hope you guys like it!


Also chaged the layout of the blogg a bit so i can fit wider images now.

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The KDE Edutainment Project

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For the last 2 weeks i have been working on several icons for the Oxygen icon theme, but my main focus as been the application icons for a very special part of KDE. The KDE Edutainment Project. Its a chalenging work but i think its coming along nicely.
Major thanks to all of the people involved in the kde edu project.

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happy birthday

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Just to wish happy birthday to us all :)

May the next 10 years be has good!

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Vacation Time - Back In One week

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new previews

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Hi has promised the oxygen site has now brand new previews.
Chek them out!!

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Updating oxygen site.

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We are working on a new version of oxygen site that will have lots of new exyting features.

Also we will be refreshing the previews to reflect the current state of the theme.

We hope to have a realy good colaboration forum so that all artists, developers, kde users may join the oxygen efort.

Another cool feature that we are working on is some usability test's for the icons in order to improve the metafores and to test some new ones.

Stay tuned!!

BTW those icons are some of the new action icons we have done.

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The guys are coming

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So tomorrow David and Kenneth are arriving here for a week of full artistic work cant wait :)
We hope we can boost our work and manage to get a mostly working icon set by the end of the week, the coffee machine is up and ready ;).

On another front we made a new logo for K3M the KDE Multimedia Meeting. I hope it catches the essence of the project.

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Its all about Phonon

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So today Matthias Kretz
announced the on line status of the phonon site its a great project one that will address one of the most reclaimed changes to kde but is also a great new vision for a multimedia architecture for kde 4.
I'm very proud to have been able to provide a little bit of help to phonon effort.
We at Oxygen are working very hard to make new visual perspectives and ideas to kde and i think we are doing some progress on that field.

David an Ken are planing a trip to my place so we can boost the iconset, and also talk and work on all the other kde project's we got ourselvs into, allot to do in a busy work week, I'm very happy about this they are the the coolest artist i know and can't wait they get here.

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Easter time for kde

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I wish for every one a very hapy holiday with lots and lots of candy chocolats and hapyness.

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Working like never before

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In the past months i have been working more than i ever did in my intire life, the good thing is that i'm not to tired.
So what have i been up to?
Well Oxygen mostly, i decided to redo most of the action icons, and try to presuit a new way of expresing them, must say i think its is working, also david's icons are loking sweet and kenenth made an amasing joob on some icons of its own.

Spread kde site, well some work there, but i have "seen the light" and think i will try to push in a slightly diferent direction.

Phonon site, done joob! The site should be hiting the fans some time soon.

Some koffice icons, in the old crystal style. I have been talking to the koffice guys, and we have come to an understendment to join their icon set with the one i make for openoffice so this time koffice will have a truly complete icon set. All of the oo.o icon theme plus the koffice theme rounds up to more than diferent 1100 icons so big joob in front of me for the coming months.

If you guys have some cool fun pictures, and you dont mind sharing them with the comunity, please send them to me! I'm creating a database of free pictures to use on kde sites has i see our sites nead to say more with fewer words. And if we have so much fun working at it shouldn't the sites say just that ?

Humm in case you are wondering what that image is .... well its an icon ofcourse but im not sure it will be an oxygen action icon.

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What's of so great about kde?

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Good question. Well I like it!
And I like it, because it makes me happy, because it is a pleasure to work with it, because it makes what I want and it does it as I want.
But above everything I love our community, i like the way as several groups inside kde support each other to produce something better.

Solid , it is a good example of this. New and exciting project that looked for support of kde to make what had to be made, not the actual code cor general project idea, but the other stuf that is so important this days. Communication!
Couse we are not good at everything we do, well not the majority of us, Kévin Ottens decided it was a good idea to take some atention to this side of things and send us at Oxygen an email about the nead for an logo for the solid project, (we were very hapy to do it). It happens that it had been aron that it had pointed it in our direction.
We ended up to do one more icon for the web site, this one is also a part of our Oxygen icon themen and it was made by our great David its a device icon that meens something to the solid project. And was needed in our icon set.
We are now working on new ways to show people what solid is all about, using litle animations.

I think this is a good example of what makes kde great, people working toguether!

PS we at oxigen are always available to this kind of work for kde, if you project is neading some fresh artwork contact us at Oxygen we are very hapy to help , if we can ;). Also contact Tom Chance at kde-promo group, lets make our groups work toguether.