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Only 32 to go :)

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Small update on the status of the new mime-types I'm getting ready for the 4.6 release of Oxygen icon set for KDE. As you can see we have some additions to our collection like the Qt-quick qml mime-type, or the color profiles one. Only 32 are missing now :D


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Anonymous said...

Beatiful. Just out of curiosity, what kind of plans are there for KDE SC 4.7 regarding icons? :p

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Always find the icon beautiful to look at.

Anonymous said...

Only one thing to say: WOW!

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful (I especially love the icon for picture files). Maybe the torrent icon is a little bit dull (while the current one uses a quite vivid cyan).

Anyway, you did a great work as always!

Anonymous said...

Keep it going!
Thanks to people like you KDE 4.6 will be the best realease ever!! (as usual :D)

Anonymous said...

I love the one for pictures :)! It's always a pleasure to see your work. Many thanks!

rrh said...

Awesome! You should definitely show up your works more often :D

Naproxeno said...

Gorgeous icons!

My only complaint is that I'm not quite sure how international is the torrent icon. Is it understandable for languages other than English?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, nothing else to say !

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Pinheiro said...

to all, thanks! your comments are totally worth the work.

@Anonymous plans for 4.7 well make more icons :D

@Anonymous5 yeah I'm not 100% happy with it yet.

@Naproxeno well its works in several languages and from my research seams like a common metaphor

Anonymous said...

Your icons are always beautiful and clean, but I suggest you to consider to widen your cromatic diversity. Using mainly white, grey and blue doen't make very distinct icons; is very easy to confuss Kmail with Kwrite, Konqueror with Kopete, Dolphin and even Amarok in a quick look; but for example K3B's Gwenview's, or Kmldonkey's icons are rather clear, and let's not talk about Firefox's (I know, I know firefox's is not yours)
So, I think that if you continue with your bautiful designs, but add more colors and shapes to your habitual palette, clarity, and ergo usability, would be significantly improved.

Saludos e obrigada.pelo teu trabalho (excuse my portuguese, lol)

Debianero said...

Nuno, thank you very much (once again).

Anonymous said...

Nice work, but there is something wrong with this photo icon, maybe baloon perspective? I don't know but it doesn't feel right

some thoughts:

- isn't that torrent arrow suposed to be blue? like ktorrent?

- first batch was more vivid and clear, much less blur and bigger details - which is good

- last post is really really blury :/

- why qt icon is paper plane?

- and probably most important thing: there is a lot of inconsistency with placement and sizes of this "details" e.g big blue globe is lower and more to the right than that silver cylinders (database icon?), cup of coffe is almost out of frame, A-icon, grenn puzzle, tunes, arrow, blender etc. are really small but orange flower is bigger (and again - brush is almost out of icon frame) and it's lower than silver cylinders on the left... there is a lot of things like that, the look of icons is great but arrangement is crazy almost each icon have different floorplan, you should think about it, set 2 or 3 sizes and figure out the center of placement, make them more standard as a whole set not every icon idividualy, if you want I can help you with it

PSS keep rockin' :)

PSSS sorry for my bad english

Pinheiro said...

@Anonymous (last one)
you are probably right, but I hate to follow absolute strict rules and tend to do them as its works for me at the time I'm making them, if i would define rules the process would probably take much much longer and I unfortunately don't have time for that. ON a side note the first mime-types we did had much more rules, and still I think this new ones are more consistent.
Some things in design are more subjective than objective.

@Anonymous (color one)
Well i like them better this way, to much color makes a mess the previous ones suffered allot from that

thanks again for the comments

non7top said...

very nice, but similar to all other oxygen icons most of them are unusable in small sizes because they look absolutely same - some grey noize on white piece of paper. 128x128 is good, but 16x16-32x32 is used most of the time and in this case oxygen sucks a lot.

Bananikus said...

256x256 and 128x128 icons are completely unusable. It's waste of time. Why don't you improve 32x32, 48x48 and 64x64? These icons are really beautiful, but can you tell me for what we need them?

Pinheiro said...

@bananikus were did I wrote that I would not make the small versions?
the fact that you don't need the big sizes does not mean no one will it has a lot of use-cases and it's already available in dolphin and this size is the one that dolphin uses the most for scaling, giiii.

Martin said...

Fantastic, that would be a real improvement. But the image icon is quite a bit out of line with its proportions.

already on the openSUSE conference I found, the ICC icon looks great. I really like it. Thanks.