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Mery Xmas from Oxygen!!

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Here it goes the traditional Xmas wallpaper from the Oxygen team to all Kde Xmas Loving crew.

Btw i have one question to make to the kde crew, what is your opinion on the current state of oxygen icon set, and general artwork?

One more thing...... The link to a 1280x1024 version of that pick and a 1900x1200
. Also the source SVG.


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liquidat said...

Well, I'm not really part of the KDE team, but I try to stay up2date with reading the commit digests, and they give an impression of the Oxygen work:
And it really looks great!

However, it has to fit to the rest of the system, and I haven't seen it yet used in a current KDE setup - or in a KDE 4 preview which actually shows what we can expect with KDE 4 (at the moment the svn looks more like a buggy KDE3).

So it would be nice to see the icons "in action" somewhere, but that would require a first KDE 4 introduction, and it is to early for that I assume.

abattoir said...

I've been browsing through the icons pretty frequently. Many of them are great, especially the photorealistic ones; Keep it up!!
I know these aren't the final versions, but i really hope the default folder icons are given more thought as it's one of the most(if not the most) frequently viewed icon.

Anonymous said...

It would be cool if you posted the SVG of the wallpaper or provided a widescreen format of the paper. Nice looking background.

Anonymous said...

I'm kde user and do not belong to kde crew

-my opinion currently of oxygen icons is that they are better than tango icons ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not part of any KDE crew either, but I'd agree with abattoir about giving the default folder icons more thought.

Other then that, it's a great theme, couldn't have wished for anything better.

Miles Barr said...

Nice wallpaper, is there a 1900x1200 version?

Anonymous said...

there's a typo : it's "enviroNment" and not "enviroment" ;)

but thanks anyway : it's very nice !

Anonymous said...

I have been following closely the development of Oxygen and all I can say is Keep up the great work! and Wonderful! Marvelous! I want it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work on Oxygen icon theme. Nice wallpaper but it has a type in enviroment, its environment.

Anonymous said...

Awesome work on Oxygen icon theme. Nice wallpaper but it has a typo in enviroment, its environment.

Well, you've asked for an opinion, so I'll be honest. Frankly, I am gravely disappointed in them, and I am baffled by all the praise. I think they're a major step back from crystal, and a major step away from KDE's roots.

This icon set almost seems to be designed for black-and-white monitors, with extraordinary over-use of black, and dark metallic shades, and hardly a bright color in use. The result are icons that are hard to distinguish quickly, and which deteriorate into a mess of dark grey at smaller colors, and, heck, a desktop that looks like it's about to head to a local goth hangout.

Maksim Orlovich,
KDE developer: styles, KHTML, et al.

Anonymous said...

Follow up on Maks 'SadEagle' Orlovich ...
What I like is that this theme is more colour neutral. The problem IMO with a theme like Crystal is that it can quickly conflict with colour schemes or other icon colours. Personally I like this more colour neutral approach better. I think what the creators also aim for is more contrast or shape recognition for the icons itself, but I could be wrong about that. Other then that, it's a matter of taste obviously. I hope KDE4 life's cycle will achieve a full mechanism so that your entire desktop colour theme can be adjusted on the fly, affecting your icons, styles and all the rest so we wouldn't need to have to 'enforce' colour schemes anymore.

nuno pinheiro said...

Thank you for your comments.
I tend to agrea with some of what you say.
The theme is now a bit to black that has a reason, i wanted to make the icons more or less color independent so that colorblind people had no problem with them.
Its inportant that you use simple themes with it, plastic on light grey for exmple dough a new widget theme in tune with the icon theme would be nice.
One of main goal with Oxygen was that it would be a mature theme more sober and less childish.
But we still have a long way to go and somtimes i tend to agree that i over used black, somtimes no.

Anonymous said...

The icons look a lot more professional than before. It's great to see this kind of evolution.

Thanks, all for all your great work!

segedunum said...

I think it would be a really good idea to get the Oxygen work into a future release of CTS 3.x, so that people can try it out on a day-to-day basis rather than just passing general comments on it that may or may not mean anything.

Additionally, try and get the icons into KDE 4's SVN repository as soon as possible for this same purpose.

This should mean that Oxygen is a bit more proven before it even gets released as a part of KDE 4.

Anonymous said...

It's not directly part of the icons, but I think that the mime icons should have a small label stating what kind of data it is, for example pdf, ps, djvu, dvi; jpg, png, bmp, gif; avi, mpg, wmv... . It's not obvious when there are several extensions for one icon and you might want to have that information. It might be obvious when there is only one extension associated with an icon (but then you have to memorized before which kind of data that is).

It adds useful information which you else have to look up from the file extension.

I haven't seen the graphics for it or any hints that this is the look which is going to be used.