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Merry Christmas

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Just wanted to send my very best wishes for 2006 and a Merry, Merry Christmas to all of the KDE.

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Action Icons.

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what about them?? they are just one more icon!

Humm not really, in fact the different kind of icons have different kinds of usage, and almost all icon themes treat them has "one more icon".
In fact this is a common mistake that i did myself several times.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

For starters action icons are normally rendered with a very different background than most icons, wen they are made, normally in a vector program the background is white in action icons normally it is .... well your favorite window color, that poses one problem the preemption of the limits of the icon can be misinterpreted by the user, thus the usage of solid outline helps in this aspect.

In second place they are small :(, yea has an kind of artist it the worst part, you do a very detailed and perfect drawing, men it looks sweet, but then you render it to an 16x16 pixel map, and that it, 16x16 little squares of solid color, and we did al that funny details that were so important went?
Lost! So if you are doing action icons it is stupid to go in to big details, this is being said by a stupid guy :).
There is an other procedure to the problem doing completely different icons for each size, i really don't like it, in the end it becomes confusing that a menu action icon is not the same has the one in the bar, being they the same.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Third action icons refer to action, it is a "do something kind icon" so you have to do something that implies some kind of movement.

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Two weeks ago i went to this event in my home country, it had some lectures about OSS, an among others they had the privilege of having kde developer Josef Spillner, i just made it to the last day of the conference, but i manage to atend de Kde vs. Gnome lecture.
Well it went lot better than i expected, zero casualties and no injuries :) from the gnome side we had Juan José Sánchez Penas, and on our side we had Josef Spillner. I managed to say some things myself and the debate went pretty well.

But what made me think was the fact that i was the only Portuguese guy that actually was working on one of the projects!!!
That did it i decided i was going to create a LUG.

The idea was popping on my head from time to time but i did never got the time to take it forward, only to discover that the satatus of things would not change, so wy be plain tired wen you can be extremely tired. ;)
i had some contacts of some local kde user and already knew yagami (working a bit on kopete related stuff). With that in mind i contacted the guy and told him about my plans, he was very receptive about it, and there you go 2 members.
But i wanted a crowd so i contacted a local irc frequent user and kde fan and asked him to join us ..... so now we are 3, but then i figured that as a bit to less and ask the local translation team to join us, 4,5, and also Josef Spillner, 6. so now we are 6 :)
And has of today we have a logo :)

We have big plans :), but for starters a web page would be nice. Humm does any one out there has some extra web storage space ;).
If any one wants to join our local user group please do so, there is much to be done. My contact nuno.pinheiro at kdemail.net

On my other work, Oxygen is coming along, nicer every day, in the coming days i will talk a bit more about all the great stuf we got there, for starters we have a way beter logo than kde.pt but thats only natural couse it was made by the great David Vignoni, and that one above was made by me :)

8:31 AM

Oxygen, much more than just an icon theme.

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In the last months i din't had much time for blogging, but that was great, couse i'm spending all of my spare time and some of my other time ;) in this great project, Oxygen.

And what is so exyting about one more icon theme?

Well it is not just an icon
theme! It is that but its so much more.
One of the new things we are talking about in the oxygen group is the possibility of light efects on svg, depending on
external factors, like position on scren.

Zack over at Troltech is
implementing a realy nice engine to render svg into qt and one of the ideas is to make special inclusions into the svg code so that we can make the svg more "interavctive".
And this kinda stuf can then be seen all over kde, in widgets, decorations, special made websites, and not just icons.

One more thing i hope to keep doing wille at the oxygen group is layouts for kde related pages, one of the last ones i did was this http://img284.imageshack.us/my.php?image=text138731qs.png but this one came way to late and the event was already gone, never the less i hope i can adapt it for next year.

And still one more thing, today i posted to kde-look a very big colection (about 800) of action icons in svg form and the standard small sizes, i hope you guys make the most use of them. http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=30987

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The sun is gone

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Total eclipse of the Sun, this morning wen i was going to work the moon pass wright in front of the sun, unfortunately my cellular camera is very bad in the picture i took is very bad, but you get the point.
It was a very exiting thing to see, cause it was a total eclipse, the only problem was that it took place to early in the morning 9:45 and the moon was still to small in the orison so it didn't get to dark. any way it was nice, and now i can say that "I SAW A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN".

And that is almost what happened to me after Malaga, that i totally eclipsed from the blogg, but that has an as good explanation as the real eclipse, I am swamped with work, really swamped. so no time for webloguing or anything else for that mater.
but i think i got much of that covered this weekend, and i managed the finish today the logo
Fab invited me to do, well its only part of what he asked me but i plan to finish the layout for the site this weekend "I promise fab ;)"
PS Congrats to David :)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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One more color picker and a Kard.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Think this is a better kolorpicker icon, that the ones I made so far, this one is heavily based in one Robert Wadley did.
The other thing I did messed up entirely was the KDE business card.
I had this dead line to send the work to Tiago Macieira, and I failed it completely,
all cause I sent the email to none other than stupid me :(.
Tiago was really cool about it and did not killed me.

Any way here you can find a preview of what they would look like.

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For the past days in have been working on an icon for Kolourpaint, and also a nice business card for KDE.
Well the card is coming along, but i think it has still has a lot of work to be done.
But the Kolourpaint icon is done.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My first idea was to make some splashed ink on the bottom, but some ideas really don't work ;).
Any way, i am now counting the days to the akademy.

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Making cans.

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Boy this time I really made this in the last minute.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Its supposed to be a ink can. But IM not to sure about it. Any way Dannya asked me for this and some more icons about 2 Weeks ago. And only today I pick them up, and the dead line is Friday, hope they find it nice. ;).
well here they are...... Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Desktop Blackboard.

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Some guy caled Aseigo, or whats is name, ;) was loking for a logo, so i made this.

Well i know its not black its green

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Its for an event going on on San Diego in October, but i gess you all know our Aseigo. So you can read it on his blog.

6:40 PM

Do you guys want a plasma mug.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Yesterday, i made this litle logo for a shirt in an event goin on on monday.
so i started to look for her, and i found it, at http://www.spreadshirt.net/shop.php?op=article&ac=details&article_id=1421958#top
Linkbut wen i was loking arroung i also found this.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usisnt that the coolest thing you have hever seen?

what no?! ummmmm gess not. but i bet ist in the top 10 ;).
That and a lot more coool stuf can be found at http://www.spreadshirt.net This Was my frist blog to be commited to planet kde , so hi people :)

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Just Arrived From Azores.

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Im absolutly marved about an island i visited this wekend. I viseted the island of São Miguel, that is
one of the 9 Azores Islands.
http://www.drtacores.pt Its a must visit place for all you guys if you like nature, thre is no place laike azores.

Well but im back from holidays so i gess its back to work has usual, and i have a loot of that this days.
frist. start making some toolbar icons for the new project.
second make some icons dannya asked, i still satarting, but i made a pencil ruber that i think is more visible on small icons than the
standard ruber version.
and im still working on a gui for the digest site, i think we are gueting there ;)
now if only the commits had standard spacing...

3:55 PM

Some late work

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Has i have bean working latly on a new layout for the digest page, i havent got mutch time for my regular joob making icons for OO.o. But today i decided to make some.

They are dsbinsertcontent dsbinsertcolumns and fillshadow.
they look a bit bad but i gess its blogers foult. but then again its probly mine :)

In the coming days i hope to have a good preview of what the digest site will look like.

An other news, is that Suse
has been so kind to suport my work in developing a new theme with David Vignoli, im very exited about this.

5:04 PM

new icons the are not so new.

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Based on some old icons, i made this ones.

6:55 PM

IM still working on 2 new sites. But.

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Sometimes when no work can be done, all you have to do is to work some were else.
IM getting no were with the digest site, I have no single original idea.
So what to do?
Make something different!
So that I did.

nothing special just some minor icons for OO.o

3:10 PM

A screen shot

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I got the flue so my work abilities are slim to none.
Any way I am now working on 2 new sites, rearranging the sites that is.
Well the screen shot.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

4:25 PM

Old icons that are new

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As today I did not have a lot time all I did was changing some minor glitches to some of my old OO.o icons

5:37 PM

So today i made...

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Today i made a litle plug for the kde OO.o crystal icon set
i would love to have some opinions on this.... ;)

3:59 PM

I think now i have got it!!

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This is my second try at making an icon for kgeography

5:29 PM

I do Icons!!

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Yes that is what I mainly do, besides being a civil engineer.
My main occupation in the last few months was making a icon set for the open source project OpenOffice.org http://www.openoffice.org, to be a little bit more specific in the KDE OO.o integration project.


They are kinda crystal icons and I have the help of Robert Wadley to do them.
until now we have made more than 750 different icons.

3:16 PM

So today I am working at this..

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Since yesterday I have been working with some nice logo for kgeography.
I have still not got there.


2:33 PM

Well the logo I made is developing into an Web Page

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So now I made a page :) well its not an page has I have zero to none experience with html

It is just the general outline for it In reality the outcome can be found at http://plasma.bddf.ca
I also did little icons for this page

..................................... ...

2:33 PM

Well some of my latest work.

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Here it goes some of my latest art work


This was a logo i made for the plasma project, a very exting project in the KDE area.

8:02 AM

Well I'm starting a Blog.

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Well has i was the only person in the world without a blog i decided to make one.